The Lou-Lou

The Lou Lou Shower Chair System is specific to institutional (such as assisted living facilities, nursing homes and hospitals) showering areas where shower chairs are used. With 80 percent of all nursing home residents classified as incontinent, the Lou-Lou contains waste in the one area of care where the usual barriers of containment are not used.

Consider this: in a 100-bed nursing home, statistically there will be 80 residents who are likely to be incontinent. For most of their day, they are wearing incontinence undergarments, are sitting or laying on a Chuck or some other similar type product, or wearing clothing designed to be a containment barrier EXCEPT when they are being bathed or showered. Exposed flesh, warm-running water and incontinence can only have one predictable outcome.

The Lou-Lou is installed onto your showering area’s floor drain. Just roll the shower chair over the Lou-Lou, and incidents of incontinence are contained within the unit, limiting splash back and the spread of possibly infected waste.

Adding to the defense of infection control that our products provide, we have created the Disinfectant Station to use in conjunction with the Melanie and Lou Lou systems. This self-contained unit allows your staff to provide a germ-free environment by disinfecting all surfaces after each resident bathing. The cabinet is locked to satisfy regulations and plumbed to mix the disinfectant to the most efficient and economical blend.