Melanie Spa

Melanie SpaMobile Unit

The Melanie Bedside Mobile Unit is the most versatile product we have, bringing the showering process into the resident/patient room. To allow for bedside showering, the Mobile unit is used in conjunction with the Water Caddy, which interlocks beneath the Melanie Mobile from behind. This model can work in rooms as small as 9 feet x 12 feet.

The Melanie Convenient Care Mobile Unit is designed to roll over a standard toilet. This is an ideal situation in that the toilet will collect any shower water and waste that occurs during the hygiene session. Since a sink is usually only a few steps away, the need for excessively long sprayer hoses is eliminated.

In either scenario, the resident/patient would be showered in close proximity to where their clothes and personal items are stored, drastically cutting down the shower process time.

The Melanie seat is specially designed for maximum comfort and functionality. The foam cushions are made of the same construction as a plush golf cart with ample access from front or rear for maximum hygiene. Even the most sensitive will find this seat to be comfortable!

A seat that unlocks and rolls to the opening makes assisted and unassisted transfers in and out of the Melanie even easier.

Disinfecting the Melanie is simple. There are no “nooks and crannies” that cannot be reached with a standard cleaning brush and the seat flips up to clean the underside.

The standard size Melanie is 25.75 inches wide and will maneuver easily through most doorways. The Melanie is designed to be moved when unoccupied and is easily wheeled from room to room. It is rated to accommodate up to 350 pounds.

Melanie Mobile Plus Unit

The Mobile Plus is similar to the standard size Mobile Unit, but 6 inches wider and able to accommodate up to 650 pounds.

Melanie Stationary Unit

The Melanie Stationary Unit is intended to be securely fastened to the floor and plumbed directly to a floor drain. The Melanie will be easily retrofitted to a pre-existing toilet location or where a whirlpool tub was once located. The Stationary has a flusher valve and plumbing to function as a conventional toilet.

A 3-inch drain or larger is ideal, but it will work with a 2-inch drain with some precautions followed.

Melanie Stationary Plus Unit

The Stationary Plus is similar to the standard Stationary Unit, but 6 inches wider and able to accommodate up to 650 pounds.

The Disinfection Station

Adding to the defense of infection control that our products provide, we have created the Disinfectant Station to use in conjunction with the Melanie and Lou Lou systems. This self-contained unit allows your staff to provide a germ-free environment by disinfecting all surfaces after each resident bathing.

The cabinet is locked to satisfy regulations and plumbed to mix the disinfectant to the most efficient and economical blend. Additionally, using our disinfectant products will extend the warranty on your Melanie or Lou Lou up to six years.

What is C.diff?

C.diff is a growing epidemic in our long-term care institutions. C.diff is transmitted by the fecal-oral path. The C.diff spore can remain dormant on a surface (door handle, bed-rail, wheelchair arm, the floor, etc.) for months. Hand washing is a habit we all should become more diligent at doing, but if surfaces aren’t clean, all of that thorough hand washing is pointless. While studies are still ongoing, logic supports that if 80 percent of all nursing home residents wear adult diapers, EXCEPT when they are in the shower, this is a breach in the wall of protection and a major source of the infectious waste.